Size & Color

Each thumbtack measures 1 in long, standard size. Transparent acrylic color, packed in reusable plastic container jar

Good quality

The heads are made of pastic and steel needle point, which are not flimsy, durable for using a long time.


Perfect for maps, bulletin boards, and calendars.Used to pin important papers and messages to cork boards, foam boards, maps and more.

215 Clear Push Pins for Bulletin Board, Wall, Foam Board Thumb Tacks for Cork Board with Long Life & Sturdy Steel Needle Pin – Use in Office Classroom

Pushpins for Life: Whooping 215 push pins are more than enough to be utilized by individuals for years to come. The affordable pricing makes it possible for you to buy multiple packs thumbtacks for your next office supplies stock

One Size That Fits All: 1 inch clear push pins for wall that can be used anywhere & anytime. 2mm thick sharp steel needle, you can easily pin. Use a hammer on a clear plastic wall tack with extreme care

Organized Place Increases Productivity: Organize with push pins for bulletin board, wall, cork board, foam board, calendars, maps, papers, jewellery, messages, photos and a like

Thumb Tacks That Works in Any Situation: Confidently use clear tacks in classroom, office, workplace, home or kitchen

Easy to Reuse Large Transparent Jar Container: The lightweight plastic jar for push pin is made for your convenience. You can reuse it and keep your thumb tack all the time


  • Count: 215 push pins
  • Length: 1 inch
  • Needle Diameter: 2mm
  • Needle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Head: Clear Plastic

Product information

The sturdy tacks and push pins are made up of quality material for everyday use at home, office, school, college or workplace.


Use and Reuse to decorate your place with posters, hanging keychains or jewellery, organizing paper and messages with push pins for bulletin board, pins for cork board, thumb tacks for wall, foam board etc.


The wall pins are intelligently made to hold with ease in your fingers and crystal clear push pins to keep focus on paper or messages. The thumbtack are sturdy but definitely handle with care while hammering on the wall, don’t hit it too hard.


No need to buy a mason jar or something to store these tacs for wall. Whenever you are done with using thumb tack, store them in clear jar conveniently.


We believe in 100%, no obligation, customer is always right customer support. Despite the fact that we’ve put our level best in coming up with quality & sturdy pushpins, if you still have questions or concerns, you will find us always there to assist you.

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