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Assorted Color Pins,
Perfect for Daily Use.

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Clear Pins,
Best for Wraps.

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Rose Gold Pins,
Blend for Elegance.

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Push Pin

  • Standard size push pins approx 1 inch, with clear pastic head and steel needle point
  • Perfect For Maps, Bulletin Boards, and Calendars.
  • Used to pin important papers and messages to cork boards, foam boards, maps and more
  • Packed in reusable clear container jar to keep your desktop or your desk drawer organized
  • Super pack kit of 600 count in a jar.

Product Features

  • 215 assorted colors push pins for bulletin board thumb tacks bulk with are more than enough for day-to-day use. 1 inch high and 2mm thick sharp steel needle, for an easy pin
  • After using wall pins for hanging, store bulletin board stick pins in the accompanying lightweight & convenient plastic jar
  • Use a hammer on a wall tack for posters with extreme care, though assorted colors push pins for bulletin board are sturdy but are meant to softly push
  • Confidently use thumbtack pins for craft work in classroom, office, workplace, home or kitchen
  • Decorate & organize with assorted colors pushpins for corkboard decorative, wall, bulletin board, foam board, calendars, maps, papers, jewelry, messages, photos and a like.

About Push Pin

  • Translucent push pins are precision crafted with 3/8″ hardened steel point
  • Heads are 1/2″ in length and 1/4″ in diameter
  • Vibrant colors brighten bulletin boards and attract attention
  • 1/2″ heads with 3/8″ points. 200/tub
  • Reusable tub pack provides handy desk top or drawer storage

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Customer Reviews

The product works well and easily pushes into drywall. I have used them all over the house and they stay securely in the wall and see sturdy. I don’t see any defects.


THEY ARE PUSH PINS! ARE THEY THE BEST? THEY ARE PUSH PINS! What can I say. Are they great? THEY ARE PUSH PINS and being a push pin can you expect something better?

John Petrocelli

Very sturdy and durable pins. Used these to hold up framed posters and papers around my room. They’re also strong enough to hold up framed pictures.


    Core Values

    • Push pins (200-count) for fastening papers, photos, and more to bulletin boards, including cork boards, foam boards, or paper boards
    • Standard size with a strong 3/8-inch ground steel point and a 1/2-inch plastic head for easy insert and removal
    • Heads come in an assortment of colors for eye-catching appeal
    • Clear container included for keeping the push pins neatly stored and easy to access
    • Ideal for office, home, or classroom; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

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