Clear Pins,
Best for Wraps.

Clear Color Push Pins


215 Clear Push Pins for Bulletin Board Thumb Tacks for Wall Corkboard Map Calendar Photo -Home Office Craft Projects Heavy Duty Plastic Head Steel Pin (Clear)


Decorate & organize with clear pushpins for corkboard decorative, wall, bulletin board, foam board, calendars, maps, papers, jewellery, messages, photos and a like

Enough for Life

215 clear push pins for bulletin board thumb tacks bulk with are more than enough for day to day use. 1 inch high and 2mm thick sharp steel needle, for an easy pin

Easy to Reuse

After using wall pins for hanging, store bulletin board stick pins in the accompanying lightweight & convenient plastic jar

One Size That Fits All

Use a hammer on a wall tacks for posters with extreme care, though clear push pins for bulletin board are sturdy but are meant to softly push

Works in Any Environment

Confidently use thumbtack pins for craft work in classroom, office, workplace, home or kitchen